Meal Bag Contents

We do not use plastic or material that can get toxins into our food. We use recyclable glass containers to pack the drinks and meals. Daily the delivery is made before 6AM (M-F). The delivery man sends a confirmation text after the delivery is made and picks up the previous days bags with empty containers.
The order(from top to bottom) of food containers(glass) in the meal bag
  1. Breakfast(top container)
  2. Salad(Dinner)
  3. Soup(Dinner)
  4. Lunch(bottom container)
  5. Drink 1 : cold pressed juice
  6. Drink 2 : Probiotic
  7. Drink 3 : Tea (small bottles)
  8. Snack bag 1
  9. Snack bag 2
  10. Alkaline water is provided as a courtesy for you to enjoy the convenience.
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