Meal Program for Weight loss- Weekly Subscription

Meal Program for Weight loss- Weekly Subscription

  • $275.00

*this is not a nutritional supplement*

*these are fresh and organic meals, drinks, snacks prepared with no preservatives or toxins and sent in glass containers*

*this is not a quick fix program, this is a lifestyle change were we deliver meals daily to help with making the lifestyle change*

Weight loss meal program that is sustainable, healthy and fun. This program focuses on solving the main reason for weight gain which is lack of balanced nutrition needed by the body and cravings that arise as a result. Nutrient rich low calorie fresh & organic meals are prepared and delivered daily. Cravings are controlled by providing a variety of food items in the meal program. The meal program includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack 1, Snack 2, Cold Pressed Juice, Probiotic, Herbal  Tea & Alkaline Water. 

The results of the program comes by following clean living lifestyle in a consistent manner for few months. 

One week program helps you to detox  and also lose some weight.

Meals are delivered to you before 6AM, Monday to Friday.

After you make the payment , you will be sent a link to fill out your goals and food preferences along with details of your address and start date of the delivery. Once this form is filled and submitted a confirmation email or text will be sent about your delivery.


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