Clean Living Club is a meal , beauty and fitness club. The idea is what you eat impacts not only your health and productivity but also how you look. An integrated approach will result in cost saving and enhanced control on results for our club members

By joining the food club, you receive the following before 6AM , M-F. All the food items are organic and freshly prepared.
Dinner: Soup, Salad
Drinks: Cold Pressed Juice
Probiotic (kombucha , buttermilk)
Herbal tea
Health shot
Snack 1: Sweet
Snack 1 : Non-Sweet
For meal club members fitness perk is also included.
Two 30 min personal trainer sessions per month, from a gym that is local to you * (restrictions apply)

The meal program is prepared to fix the underlying causes of imbalance in your body. By fixing the root causes we enjoy optimal health. Imbalances cause cravings. We take an holistic approach to fixing cravings.

Meal planning is done based on your health goals. Meals are all organic and freshly prepared without any preservatives.

We take a club membership approach rather than selling meals approach as our interest is in long term sustainable results rather than quick fixes. Sustainable results come through lifestyle changes and new habit formations and losing old habits. That is why when you join we tailor make the meal planning for your needs and modify the meal plan as you progress with your goals. You get all this for one fixed monthly membership.

Movement is essential for healthy functioning of our body. When the food intake and the workout are coordinated we experience the best results. We start with setting goals, creating a meal plan for the goals and a workout plan that goes with the goal. Club members enjoy two complimentary personal trainer session every month from a gym location that is near to them. Our goal is that our members not only feel good internally but also look good and feel confident and energetic.

We treat skin and hair as any other organ of our body and that they also need daily nourishment like every other internal organ of our body. We that in mind with our beauty club we provide skin care and hair care products that are toxins free and delivered to you fresh and organic along with your meals.